Complex Manufacturing for
Critical Applications

Everything You Need To Know About Aerospace Manufacturing

B&G Manufacturing is proud to serve the aerospace and defense market. Our expert team has worked with complex specifications for over 40 years. As a precision parts supplier, we efficiently produce various components tailored for aerospace applications, including our high-strength, high-performance safety fasteners, tie bolts, and landing gear legs. Dive into the aerospace manufacturing talk with us below.

All Aerospace Fasteners

We are a proud fastener manufacturer that produces top-quality fasteners specifically used in the production and complete assembly of aerostructure. Our fasteners can be used in the assembly of the nose, fuselage, wings, pylon, and other aerostructures.

Fasteners are a critical component and give aerostructure rigidity. This ensures the airplane’s stability when in motion. The fasteners give durability to all types of aircraft designs, commercial or military. Our high-performance fasteners are easy to work with, and servicing technicians will have no trouble dismantling the parts that the fasteners join.

We manufacture and carry different types of fastener supplies, including bolts and nuts, screws, rivets, and more. B&G Manufacturing is a top name among aircraft fasteners suppliers for all structural and non-structural fasteners.

Custom manufacturing is our specialty at B&G. Whether you need a standard product you can’t find with other bolts and nuts suppliers and screw manufacturers or you need a custom fastener, we have you covered.

Made From High-Quality Materials

Our selection of only high-quality materials is a crucial element that drives our reputation among aircraft fastener suppliers. Among the materials we use for the production of our aerospace fasteners are:

· Aluminum

· Steel

· Titanium

· Superalloys

Our choice of material for these fasters guarantees the following characteristics that are important to aircraft efficiency, safety, and durability.

· Lightweight design

· High tensile, shear, and fatigue strength

Robust and able to operate in harsh conditions

· Self-locking and sealing capabilities for increased safety

· High oxidation and corrosion resistance

Whether you are looking for stainless steel fastener suppliers or titanium fastener manufacturers, find fasteners made from different materials at B&G Manufacturing. We have a diverse offering of fastener products for the aerospace industry and other markets we serve.

Working with Others

The aerospace manufacturing industry comprises a diverse range of players. As an expert and experienced custom fastener manufacturer that is well-equipped with not just the workforce but also the machines to oversee the entire manufacturing process.

We collaborate with other aerospace fastener companies. Some fastener manufacturing companies may not have what it takes to do all testing in-house, and we are happy to extend the service.

Quality Guaranteed

At B&G Manufacturing, we recognize that precision parts manufacturing for the aerospace market demands the highest quality standards. We have stringent quality control systems, not just for critical fasteners for aerospace applications but also for all applications, such as oil & gas fasteners and medical precision parts. We are AS9100D-certified and compliant with more quality and calibration systems. B&G has a dedicated quality assurance team that administers an up-to-date quality management system (QMS) and implements a clear workflow. Additionally, we use only high-quality materials for our stainless steel and titanium precision parts.

Trust the Experts

Without aerospace fasteners, an aircraft would just be parts. The stakes are high, including the safety of all lives aboard the aircraft, and all depend on these parts holding together.

This post has certainly highlighted this, among other fundamental aspects of aerospace fasteners. The B&G difference ensures we have different types of fasteners in our inventory, and we can deliver a wide range of custom aerospace fastener capabilities. Contact us today for more information on aerospace manufacturing. In addition to manufacturing premier-quality and long-lasting components that meet strict industry standards, our team is happy to leverage its capabilities and provide technical support.