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Month: January 2024

hot bolting, cold bolting

The Heat Debate: Pros and Cons of Hot and Cold Bolting Techniques

Fasteners are tools used in every industry and can be permanent (single-use) or temporary (can be removed and re-used) solutions. Customized bolts and screws are the main types of fasteners used by most industries, including aerospace/military/defense, automotive, construction, marine, medical, mining, energy/power generationpetrochemical, and more. B&G Manufacturing specializes in hot and cold bolting techniques. We also understand your company goals and provide solutions that will best serve your industrial application requirements. 

2024 fastener trends in manufacturing

2024 Fastener Trends to Watch: Innovations Driving the Future of Manufacturing

2024 welcomes some revolutionary innovations in the fastener industry that play a significant role in transforming the world of manufacturing. Also, these 2024 fastener trends impact the nature of products and redefine what manufacturing processes are. Let us embark on a detailed analysis of the changing interplay between trends in fasteners and all the features that will characterize the new products