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Taking Flight: The Importance of Landing Gear Technology for Safe and Efficient Air Travel | Aircraft Fasteners

The landing gear is a crucial component of an aircraft’s mobility mechanism. It absorbs the shock generated during landing, facilitates mobility and braking on the ground, and enables safe plane steering in case of crosswinds. Most importantly for aircraft fasteners, the gear enables safe landing and taking off during air travel.

The landing gear assembly comprises various products and components working jointly to facilitate its functioning. Moreover, aerospace fastener companies incorporate state-of-the-art technology to develop a fully functioning gear assembly. Here’s an overview of products that aircraft fasteners suppliers use for safe air travel.

Tie Bolts

The landing gear contains a series of tie bolts that hold the two halves of the aircraft tires together. The tie bolts maintain the structural integrity of the landing gear by bearing the aircraft weight, loads of the tire pressure, and impact of landing. B & G Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing and supply of quality tie bolts for aircraft landing gears.

Lock Nuts

Lock nuts prevent loosening and unwanted turning of critical parts of the landing gear. Due to their ability to provide tight connections, they hold the components in place, preventing accidents and landing gear-related malfunctions.

Lock nuts are of two types: elastic and metallic. The elastic type has an embedded fiber that stretches around the bolt threads to create the required friction. However, they’re most effective in low-heat environments since high temperatures can melt the fiber.

On the other hand, the metallic type consists of a strong metal alloy capable of providing the required friction. Unlike elastic lock nuts, they have no temperature restrictions.

Hex Jam Nuts

Hex Jam nuts provide a firm grip over a bolt, locking it into place and preventing backing off. They may be plain or have a galvanized configuration to prevent corrosion. Additionally, they are available in varying dimensions of width and size.

B & G is a fastener manufacturer and supplier of quality Hex Jam nuts. We understand that quality is crucial in aviation; hence supply time-tested safety fasteners with military-grade properties.

Lock Washers for Aircraft Fasteners

Washers are special discs installed under a nut joint or axle bearing. A washer primarily helps a threaded fastener perform effectively while protecting its top surface against damage during fastening. For instance, assuming you’re fastening a bolt on a relatively soft material, you need a washer to prevent distortion of the material on which you’re fixing the aircraft fasteners.

Lock washers, particularly, are useful if the locking mechanism of the fastener isn’t operational or fitting. In such instances, the springing action of the washer provides sufficient friction to retain the nut in its rightful place. However, washers aren’t effective when exposed to wind currents or where latches hold essential structures.

B&G Manufacturing Capabilities

B&G boasts high-end capabilities to manufacture critical fasteners and aerospace products. Not only that, we can handle different testing needs within our production lines to guarantee the safety of our products. Here are three manufacturing capabilities we employ in our production.

Fatigue Testing

Fatigue testing is a mechanical procedure in which a material is subject to progressive and fluctuating cyclic loads. After many successive fluctuations of cyclic loads, the material under test may develop cracks or total breakdown. Fatigue testing aims to generate fatigue life data or reveal critical locations of a structure prone to fatigue.

Thread Rolling

Thread rolling is a metal-forming process in which we create screw threads on a material. The process involves subjecting the material to high-pressure and hardened dies. The result is a series of external threads on the material’s surface. Thread rolling is very effective in producing precision lead screws and long threaded screws for aircraft fasteners.

Heat Treating

Heat treating is a metal-forming process in which you heat the metal, but it doesn’t reach the molten state. Once heated, you cool the metal in a controlled way to achieve the desired properties. The main aim of heat treatment is to make the material stronger, harder, malleable, or resistant to abrasion.

Final Thoughts for Aircraft Fasteners

Are you looking for machined products and components for the landing gear? B&G is a renowned custom fastener manufacturer. We boast a wide range of custom-designed, time-tested, and durable products for landing gear design. If you wish to talk to our technicians or order your supply, contact us today.