Complex Manufacturing for
Critical Applications

Precision Cutting For Difficult Shapes

An Increase in Demand For Specialized Components and Difficult Shapes

Properly machining difficult shapes in a reliable, enterprise-friendly way is key to the success of modern machining shops. B&G Manufacturing takes such capability to the next level. Modern tech has exponentially advanced the capabilities of our tools, and we extend the benefit of that advance to our customers.

There’s a big increase in mechanized specialization which enables the consistent development of unique components. For a more in-depth example of how tech has transformed the industry, check out this link to automation in machining. In this writing we’ll explore such concepts more closely.

In-Depth Modern Computer Tools Make the Machining of Difficult Shapes Possible

One example of B&G Manufacturing that makes full use of modern tech is multi-axes milling. In a nutshell, this involves machine parts that have complex geometries. Such geometric milling is only possible to produce consistently with computer-enabled technology.

Multiple axes of motion facilitate difficult shapes and features that wouldn’t be something
you could produce in a traditional machine shop. Learn more about multi-axis milling at
the B&G Manufacturing blog here

This capability represents one of many tools in our production machinery suite. Such
ability allows us to achieve specific client goals. We do so directly, and consistently.
Complex fasteners with specialty components are no issue for us. We can consistently
deliver precise components in a way that enables better control of supply chains overall.

A Closer Look at the Tech

Differing thread rolls, cervical plate machining, grinding and the like can be a challenge.
For our professional crew, they’re business as usual. A big reason for this is the ERP and
MII software we use with SAP optimization. If that sounds a little technical, that’s
because it is. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. MII stands for Machine
Integration and Intelligence. SAP stands for System Applications and Products.

These software solutions provide the mighty power of 21st century computation
(something that becomes exponentially more capable every year and a half) to the
machining needs of your project. As a result, we can do almost anything you can
conceive of within the bounds of physics and reality.

Specific Services We Offer at B&G Manufacturing

Programming, production, and inspection are our wheelhouse, and we continuously
improve what we’re able to do by upgrading as the tech becomes available. Precise
manufacturing capabilities of B&B Manufacturing include:

• Turning, “Traditional” and “Swiss” Style
• Milling (w/Dedicated PEEK)
• Deep Hole Gun Drilling
• Forging
• Bolt Bending
• Shearing
• Thread Rolling and Cutting
• Grinding

…and more.

In terms of processing, we offer
• Heat Treatment
• Titanium Anodization
• Laser Marking
• Ultrasonic Cleaning
• Shot Peening
• Glass Beading
• Both Citric and Nitric Passivation
• Metallurgical Evaluation

On the technological side of things, our services include:
• SAP/MII Production and Quality Tracking
• CAD Systems
• Advanced Inspection Equipment
• Rapid Prototyping
• Automated Vending

The Next-Generation Machining Solutions You Need

Altogether, these comprehensive capabilities make it possible for us to handle extensive,
in-depth and unique jobs. We can handle them on a large or small scale, and for just
about any industry. Whether your precise machining needs for difficult shapes are in the medical industry or the aerospace industry, we’ve got the tools and the knowledge to get the job done right.

Additionally, we maintain a large volume of industry-standard products. These can be acquired
with next-day shipping as clients need. At the end of the day, the products and services we provide at B&G Manufacturing don’t just serve our clientele. They serve the industry as a whole. Overall, We are part of the infrastructure that helps facilitate breakthroughs in science and technology across a
diversity of industries.