Complex Manufacturing for
Critical Applications

A 2024 Take on Critical Application Manufacturing

The expansion of the automotive industry, infrastructural developments, and the growing need for lightweight and high-performance fastening solutions take the forefront of the precision fasteners market. B&G is a pioneer in the industry of critical manufacturing where precision and efficiency are the highest priorities. As the leading fastener provider, B&G brings innovation and quality to the competitive marketplace in the fastener industry.  

Growth Trends of Fastener Suppliers

The precision fastener is a key element in automotive, aeronautics, naval, construction, mechanical engineering, electronic devices, and others. In the automotive business, they keep the mechanical parts together and provide safety to people.  

High nickel alloy fasteners are relied upon by various industries for product components. The manufacturing industry makes use of high temperature bolting to hold together machinery. As for the construction business, titanium screws are critical for structural stability. 

Adhesive fasteners, which substitute mechanical fasteners like screws, nuts, and industrial bolting, not only reduce material, labor, and processing costs but also facilitate optimum assembly labor time. 

Embracing Digital Transformation

A few years ago, the fastener industry began encountering supply chain issues. These challenges were primarily due to logistical disruptions exacerbated by the global pandemic, resulting in inflation and global conflict. 

The political situation of 2024 remains a challenge to the global supply chain, and the ongoing war in Ukraine impacts the availability and price of raw materials as well. 

To improve the supply chain and market availability, B&G has launched a new e-commerce platform. There, customers can browse through the entire B&G product catalog of rotating equipment, from bolting solutions to nylon insert options, in the comfort of their homes.  

Digitalization is not just saving time for B&G but also establishing a new standard for effective operations and customer care. 

Meeting the Demands of a Modern World: from Aerospace to Medical Implants

APEC dominates over half of the fastener market in 2024, largely due to increased car manufacturing in the region. China and Japan have strong automotive sectors, with many companies from these countries producing vehicles there. 

The rising demand for pressure vessel fasteners in the region is also projected to lead to a big potential for market growth.  

The North American oil and gas fasteners market is also anticipated to experience impressive momentum through the forecast period. Strict government regulations, like the 2025 CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) mandate, should act as a motivator for the fasteners demand to increase in the region. 

Whether it is automotive fasteners, aerospace fasteners, military fasteners, or fasteners for medical implants and orthopedic implants, B&G is at the cutting-edge, delivering high-quality and fail-proof solutions in critical manufacturing.

Unmatched Quality and Reliability: B&G’s Achieving the Best

At B&G, quality is not just a goal, it is a way of life. Stemming from the stringent industry standards, certifications like A193 and A194 compliance, B&G products pass each test with flying colors with customers assured that quality is never a compromise. By implementing consistent quality control and continual perfectionism, B&G has raised the bar for American fasteners. 

Embracing the Future: B&G’s Vision for Tomorrow

B&G’s commitment to innovation alongside providing an exceptional customer experience will remain steadfast. By using the most recent technologies and staying a few steps ahead of the industry curve, B&G is carving the future for critical manufacturing—one screw at a time.