Complex Manufacturing for
Critical Applications


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An Insider’s Look at Our Quality Control Systems

Is quality on your mind? It’s on ours too. When it comes to manufacturing for critical markets, including energy, medical, oil & gas, aerospace, & defense, there’s no room for error. Rigorous quality control processes ensure your parts meet your exacting standards and expectations, reducing the risk of defects and errors. A manufacturer that has invested in quality systems you can trust results in more reliable and durable products and ensures that you receive products that perform as designed, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

oil and gas

Oil and Gas: How our Pieces Can Ease the Extraction Process

The natural gas and oil extraction process is a critical part of the global energy industry, but it can be complex and challenging. One way to make the process easier and more efficient is by using quality equipment components. Quality equipment components are essential for the smooth operation of any extraction process. They help to ensure that the equipment is working at its optimal level, which can help to increase productivity and reduce downtime. At B&G, we have a broad inventory of equipment pieces serving a range of applications and settings in the oil and gas industry. Our pieces help ease the extraction process in the following ways:

multi-axis milling benefits

Multi-Axis Milling Benefits

Multi-axis milling refers to the process of using a milling machine to machine parts with complex geometries. The milling machine has multiple axes of motion, allowing it to produce complex shapes and features that would be impossible or challenging to create using traditional machining techniques.  

wire edm

Wire EDM: A Simple Overview

Using conventional machines to design parts with extraordinary shapes and tight tolerance can be challenging. But not when using electrical discharge machining (EDM). Wire EDM allows you to cut any electrical conducting metal easily and accurately. You can cut out any shape with sizes as thin as human hair. 


How our Medical Drills and Taps are changing Lives

The medical industry is one of the 6 major markets we serve. Along with manufacturing medical drills and taps, our other medical products include screws, connectors & crosslinks, rods, hooks, and cages along with other essential pieces for the medical industry. Typically, our pieces are made with Titanium, PEEK, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Cobalt Chrome. Our metal guide gives a clear picture of why we use the metals we use. In short, we are FDA compliant, ISO 9001 & 13485 certified and we run on SAP. Our pieces are used in essential procedures that have life changing impacts.

The Importance of Ultra Precision Manufacturing

Our ultra-precise grinding helps create products within certain tolerances that are essential during complicated medical procedures. That along with the strong materials used make for a clean process and stress of medical professionals. Some of the runouts we deal with are as small as .0002”.

What are Medical Drills and Taps used for?

A medical drill is an instrument used to create holes in bone for attachment of surgical pins, plates, or screws. They are also commonly used to remove decay and reshape prior to getting a filling. Anyone who has fractured a bone is likely familiar with the term “pin” and “medical drill” as they are often used in the process to correct and heal bones. A common use for a medical tap is during the spinal tap process which is often used to diagnose serious infections or diagnose central nervous system disorders. What are now common practices in medicine wouldn’t exist in the same safe manner if not for manufacturers like B&G Manufacturing.

Modern Medical Technology is Changing Lives

If not for medical drills, people who were involved in a life-altering car accident might not have the ability to walk again. This specific technology not only eases the physical surgery, but it limits the possibility for further damage and makes the recovery process seamless. There is no denying that medical taps are essential to modern medicine. Infections like meningitis are not diagnosable through a 30-to-45-minute procedure and a 3.5-inch-long incision. Other diseases like leukemia are also detected through this method in which an early diagnosis could be the difference of life and death. 

The future of Medical Manufacturing

The medical device industry is growing at a steady rate and forecasted to continue growing at a 5% rate reaching nearly $800B USD by 2030. The increase of funding and community backing are driving the medical manufacturing industry to reinvent traditional practices and grow with the advancing global technology. Some new FDA cleared medical devices just in 2022 include: Drug Coated Coronary Stent System, Bone Growth Simulator, and Spinal Cord Stimulation. As the world and industry continue to grow, B&G continues to provide quality parts and keep up with the latest trends.