Complex Manufacturing for
Critical Applications

Our Vertical Approach to Complex Manufacturing 

Precision parts and specialty fasteners are a lifeline for many industries including energy, medical, aerospace, defense, petrochemical, and construction. As a trusted and respected manufacturer, B& G Manufacturing understands that these critical sectors necessitate the most stringent quality standards.  

For this reason, we have implemented a highly effective vertical approach to our complex manufacturing pipeline. This allows us to produce best-in-class products, from medical implants and titanium screws to industrial bolting and aerospace fasteners. 

What is Vertical Integration?

One of the primary challenges in manufacturing is structuring an efficient value chain.  

Vertical integration involves taking ownership of all stages of our production process, from material sourcing to the delivery process. This enables us to increase our reach across the supply chain, improve product quality, and operational efficiency. All these aspects translate to significant benefits for our customers.  

Benefits of Partnering with a Vertically Integrated Supplier

B&G Manufacturing understands that customers look for suppliers with the material, engineering, and production capabilities to support their needs. As such, we have structured our operations and supply chain with that in mind.  

One of the key benefits of our vertical approach to manufacturing is a streamlined production process. This allows us to deliver single-source expertise, consistent quality, reduced costs, and efficient logistics.  

In addition, vertical integration has enabled us to develop robust internal capabilities that support our production of top-quality fasteners and precision components. Our full spectrum of capabilities includes: 

  • Manufacturing – Milling, thread rolling and cutting, Swiss-Style turning, bolt bending, gun drilling, EDM and more.  
  • Processing – Heat-treating, ultrasonic cleaning, anodizing, laser marking, passivation, shot peening, and metallurgic evaluation. 
  • Technical – Rapid prototyping, production and quality tracking, CAD systems, and advanced inspection.  

Controlling the supply chain through vertical integration requires significant investment in cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, equipment, technical systems, and expertise. These investments are the backbone of the streamlined production process B&G Manufacturing offers.  

Our engineering experts and material scientists collaborate directly with customers to provide solutions that meet the most demanding precision parts challenges. From prototyping and programming to machining and quality inspection, a vertical approach allows us to handle all of it.  

The in-house capabilities help early in a project, providing planning and technical support geared towards solving a customer’s problem – not merely selling a product. Therefore, we can provide quick responses with on-hand experience for changing project needs.  

Another major benefit of our vertical approach to manufacturing is safeguarding our product’s quality through the entire life cycle. Precision and quality are critical for components and fasteners used in pressure vessels, gas turbines, or rotating equipment.  

The markets we serve demand strict quality standards for performance, safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance purposes.  Vertical integration reduces or eliminates our dependence on third parties. This allows us to have full control and oversight of quality control measures.  

In addition, a vertical manufacturing approach allows us to avoid supply chain disruptions. Overseeing various aspects of production not only allows for shorter lead times but also ensures we deliver products on or ahead of schedule.  

B& G Manufacturing operates on Systems Applications and Products (SAP), utilizing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) software to propel project planning. With these technical capabilities, we can manage all aspects of our manufacturing process in one centralized platform.  

SAP enables us to synchronize production operations with business/customer data. It also features workflow and analytic tools our team can use to detect and improve production issues such as equipment downtime and quality lapses. These aspects of vertical integration enable B&G manufacturing to deliver high-quality products quickly.  

Overall, complex manufacturing is not just about putting parts together. This field encompasses innovative ideas, testing, expert engineering, and production control.  

Having these capabilities and expertise onsite is at the heart of vertical integration. By prioritizing supply chain control and streamlined production, B&G Manufacturing guarantees best-in-class products and solutions that make us stand out as a leading precision parts and fastener manufacturer.