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The Backbone of Mobility: Exploring Orthopedic Screws 

If you’ve ever undergone an orthopedic procedure, you probably know of the integral role small components like orthopedic screws play. These screws are instrumental in restoring health and mobility. They work alongside other interventions to provide enduring orthopedic solutions. Renowned fastener manufacturer, B&G Manufacturing, produces these components. We ensure secure and reliable connections, putting patients back on their journey towards recovery. Here’s a detailed look at how orthopedic screws support different surgeries. 

A Custom Approach to Health 

As a precision parts supplier, we create various products used across different medical procedures. Our portfolio spans from intricate orthopedic screws to simpler nuts and bolts. We design each product with the goal of supporting a specific surgical procedure. Equally important, we aim to accelerate the patient’s path to recovery. 

Orthopedic screws are a staple in surgeries related to bone fractures and trauma devices. They are integral to the functioning of implants and surgical instruments used in these procedures. Here are different surgeries that orthopedic screws, nuts, bolts, and other hardware can support: 

  • Fracture Fixation: Cortical screws and locking plates help stabilize fractures in various bones, such as the femur, tibia, and radius. 
  • Joint Replacement: Nuts, bolts, and locking plates are used in joint replacement surgeries like hip or knee arthroplasty. 
  • Spinal Surgery: Pedicle screws and rods are essential for spinal fusion and correction of spinal deformities like scoliosis. 
  • Hand and Wrist Surgery: Compression screws support surgeries for hand fractures and carpal tunnel release. 
  • Other Orthopedic Surgeries: Other external fixation hardware can stabilize open fractures and complex injuries. For instance, some orthopedic screws and plates are used in surgeries like rotator cuff repair and shoulder stabilization. 

As you can see, orthopedic screws aid in the secure placement of spinal cages and plates. Thanks to meticulous design and manufacturing, these screws are central to successful surgical outcomes. 

The Power of Precision 

Being a critical player in the medical industry, B&G Manufacturing upholds a stance towards delivering diligently designed products. Catering to the exact requirements of the medical precision parts industry, we invest in quality assurance and continuous improvement. 

For example, you can consider our range of titanium fasteners intended for medical applications. These products are a testament to our commitment to robust design and precision engineering. Here are some orthopedic screws and hardware that are used in surgeries: 

  1. Cortical Screws: These assist in surgeries for fractures and bone fixation, providing stability for healing bones. 
  1. Cancellous Screws: Designed for use in softer bones, they are commonly used in hip and knee surgeries. 
  1. Locking Plates and Screws: These are essential in stabilizing complex fractures and surgeries involving the femur, tibia, and other long bones. 
  1. Cannulated Screws: Used in minimally invasive procedures, they can support surgeries like hip pinning for femoral neck fractures. 
  1. Compression Screws: Ideal for compression fixation in joint surgeries, like wrist or ankle arthrodesis. 
  1. Orthopedic Nuts and Bolts: These help to secure various orthopedic implants. They are also versatile in supporting different surgical procedures. 
  1. External Fixation Hardware: These can include pins, wires, and clamps, which stabilize fractures, especially in open or comminuted fractures. 

B&G Manufacturing delivers precision-crafted products that uphold the highest industry standards. From spinal implants, surgical instruments to bone fracture and trauma devices, we can help. Contact us for more details. 

Crafting Quality for Care 

As a leading precision parts manufacturer, we provide a perfect blend of advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship. Our range of orthopedic screws are comprehensive. Additionally, they undergo vigorous quality assurance testing to meet even the most stringent standards. 

Furthermore, B&G also offers custom fastener manufacturing services. We ensure clients get the exact specifications required for each of their unique applications. As a result, you can champion the faith that your role in a patient’s journey to total health and mobility is well-supported. 

Overall, it you’re looking for orthopedic screws and other precision parts suppliers, B&G Manufacturing can help. From prototype to production, we are your go-to company. You can contact us, request a quote, or call us at 800-366-3067 for all your medical precision parts needs.