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Wire EDM: A Simple Overview

Using conventional machines to design parts with extraordinary shapes and tight tolerance can be challenging. But not when using electrical discharge machining (EDM). Wire EDM allows you to cut any electrical conducting metal easily and accurately. You can cut out any shape with sizes as thin as human hair. 

How Does Wire EDM Work?

Instead of using blades to cut parts in metal, wire EDM uses a thin, electrically charged wire. The wire carries one side of the electrical charge, while the metal you’re cutting carries the opposite charge. When you bring the two closer, you get an electrical discharge characterized by sparks. 

This electrical discharge or arc produces enough heat to melt away tiny particles of the material. The result is an extremely tiny cutting width of about 2 microns. Considering the average human hair is approximately 70 microns thick, the wire EDM is undoubtedly capable of cutting with extreme precision. 

Additionally, the wire EDM machine uses water to cool down the metal, control the sparking, and wash away the tiny particles from the cutting surface. But not any water can work. Deionized water is the best because it doesn’t conduct electricity. 

The best thing about wire EDM is that it doesn’t need human control. It uses computer programs or CNC to run the operation. Therefore, it saves labor. 

Where Can You Apply Wire EDM?

If you need to cut out complex shapes from metal or make very tiny parts for a machine, the wire EDM is your only option. Its application touches many manufacturing industries that produce machines and small parts for various uses. 

These industries include:

  • Medical industry. To manufacture medical tools and artificial body parts for implants.
  • Robotics. To produce tiny parts with a tight tolerance to help in the robot’s movement.
  • Automotive industries. Wire EDM helps produce small spare parts for different types of vehicles.
  • Electronics and other Engineering works. Helps to produce prototypes and actual machines.
  • Military. Wire EDM helps to produce advanced weapons.
  • Aeronautical industry. Used to develop intricate engine systems, turbine blades, and fuel systems.

The above list shows just a few industries that apply wire EDM on a larger scale. But the application is more widespread than that. Often, companies want to make bespoke systems to achieve particular objectives. With the wire EDM, they can make anything they want.


The wire EDM allows you to manufacture complex items with outstanding accuracy. Since there’s no pressure applied when cutting, the metal doesn’t bend. And the high precision results in a smooth finish that works efficiently and lasts longer. There’s no need for post-processing refinement, which is usually necessary when using other techniques. 

Moreover, you can use wire EDM to cut any conducting material. These materials include steel, aluminum, titanium, and tungsten carbide. Also, this technology doesn’t waste materials because the cutting width is so tiny. Therefore, it’s economical. 

Even though wire EDM has many benefits, it’s essential to know that you can only use it on conductive materials, and the process is slower than conventional methods. 

Wire EDM Services at B&G

Do you need intricate custom parts to fit your machine? B&G manufacturing can make them for you regardless of the shape, size, and material. We have decades of experience working with various sectors, including medical, defense, aerospace, and oil and gas. If you need parts with tight tolerance, contact us. We’ll be glad to help.