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The New World of Fasteners: Join B&G Manufacturing at the International Fastener Expo

Every year manufacturers, distributors, and consumers of fastener technologies come together at the International Fastener Expo. This annual B2B trade show covers the entire fastener sector and provides networking, marketing, and educational opportunities. 

The event also offers valuable insights into industry trends and projections. As a reputable fastener manufacturer, B&G Manufacturing will be joining thousands of attendees at IFE 2023. We look to showcase innovative fastener solutions and build partnerships with industry players. 

About the 2023 International Fastener Expo 

The International Fastener Expo will be hosted at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event starts on October 9 and closes on October 11, 2023. Exhibitors and attendees from around the globe will convene to highlight and discover the latest fastener innovations. 

The premier Expo provides great networking opportunities. Participants have the chance to build and develop valuable business relationships. IFE 2023 will feature conference and education programs. There’s much to learn from keynote speakers, industry experts, and panelists about the fastener sector. 

IFE 2023 expects to attract hundreds of global exhibitors, which is a testament to the growing fastener industry. B&G Manufacturing invites you to meet us as the Expo floor to explore our offerings and strengthen our partnerships. 

Join B&G Manufacturing at IFE 2023 

Whether you are a distributor or consumer, B&G Manufacturing offers the opportunity to learn about our exceptional fasteners and production capabilities. Our exhibition at this year’s International Fastener Expo looks to help businesses grow using industry-leading solutions and expertise. 

We are also eager to develop our business relationships through one-on-one interactions and knowledge exchange. B&G Manufacturing has been a reliable standard and custom fastener manufacturer for 60 years. Our catalogs include high-quality machined products that serve various global industries. 

Sectors such as energy, oil and gas, medical, defense, and aerospace utilize our products. You can learn about our fastener solutions by joining us at IFE 2023. Our inventory includes orthopedic components, bolts, screws, nuts, and washers. 

B&G Manufacturing produces various orthopedic components to meet the exacting demands of the medical industry. Our catalog includes support parts such as connectors, screws, and crosslinks. 

We also manufacture hooks, rods, taps, drills, and other orthopedic instruments. By leveraging industry expertise and experience, we can manufacture medical precision parts that meet quality standards

B&G Manufacturing has an impressive product inventory, being one of the top bolt suppliers and screw manufacturers. The lineup includes different types of bolts and screws, such as hex, bent, and oval neck options. Our critical fasteners provide reliable performance and meet the demands of industrial applications. 

Numerous fastening operations rely on quality nuts and washers. B&G Manufacturing has the precision products to match, such as hex, square, and 12-point nuts. Our variety of washers includes flat, beveled, and lock options. As a precision parts supplier, you can expect B&G Manufacturing to produce dependable products suited for demanding applications. 

Our Production Capabilities and Materials 

B&G Manufacturing utilizes a vertically integrated production process. Our operations boast fast lead times and tight quality control, facilitating the production of best-in-class fasteners. Production capabilities such as manufacturing, processing, and technology support this framework. 

Our manufacturing capabilities include turning, thread cutting, milling, and EDM. For processing, we employ heat-treating, laser marking, anodizing, ultrasonic cleaning, and more. Our experts use cutting-edge technologies such as CAD systems, production/quality tracking systems, inspection equipment, and automated vending. 

B&G Manufacturing works with different materials to produce solutions that meet different fastener needs. We have built a reputation as the go-to titanium fastener manufacturer for lightweight, high-strength applications. We also offer stainless steel fasteners with exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. B&G Manufacturing works with other materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, copper, and superalloys. 

Learn More About Us at IFE 2023: 

There’s a lot in store this October at the largest fastener trade show in North America. Register and attend the 2023 International Fastener Expo to network and partner with a reputable fastener manufacturer and supplier. 

B&G Manufacturing is your respected partner for exceptional products and customer service. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your fastener needs and find ideal solutions for your applications.